Top Three Benefits of Letting Your Child Use a Balance Bike


Do you have a toddler in the house? A balance bike is probably one of the things you’ve thought of getting. If you’re buying one because the others are, that’s a good start, but not as good as actually knowing the benefits the two-wheeler will give your child.

Here are the top three ways a balance bike help in your little one’s development:

Balance Enhancement

We all know how important balance is when your kid finally learns how to ride his two-wheel pedal bike. According to research, children who use a Strider sport balance bike for at least twenty minutes a day twice a week had better dynamic and static balance as well as bilateral coordination than those who didn’t. As soon as your toddler masters his balance bike, using her pedal bike will be almost effortless.

Improved Safety

When a child uses a balance bike for the first time, he automatically feels a sense of instability, awaking his instinct to maintain balance by putting his feet on the ground. This strengthens a toddler’s sense of control, as opposed to a pedal bike’s tendency to create fear because of wobbly wheels or the child’s mere lack of balancing skills. Balance bikes are stable and have no chains, protrusions or other parts of a pedal bike that make it heavier and less safe for kids in the case of a fall, which can possibly cause injuries.  The rule that a Best balance bike must not weigh more than 30% above a user’s weight is also a safety feature in itself.

Faster Transition to Pedal Bikes

According to more studies, children who used balance bikes mastered pedal bikes at a younger age compared to those who used training wheels and other options. After all, balance is the main idea behind bike riding. Once a child has perfected his sense of balance, it will be almost instinctive for him to learn how to pedal at the same time. For more facts and info regarding balance bikes, you can go  to

If you’re like other parents, you’re probably excited to see your child get up on his real bike and have fun with it like any other normal kid should. But fun may hardly be the only thing on your mind when this day finally comes. By getting your toddler his balance bike, you are not only helping him learn how to use a pedal bike. You are also teaching him that there no such things as shortcuts in life, and that the best experiences happen to those who are well-prepared.


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