A Fun Way to Learn to Bike


It is always an exciting time for both kids and parents to do things together, and one of these happy moments is when you teach your child learn how to ride a bike. First experience in riding a bike does not need to be difficult or traumatic for a kid. You can minimize his or her falls with a bike that is both comfortable and easy to use through the use of a balance bike. It is a bike that has no pedals, lets the kid pushes with their feet to roll along while learning how to balance, and enable the kid to steer the bike naturally.

Balance bikes are known in the market as runner bikes, walker bikes or trainer bikes, and young children from ages 2 years and on wards can easily use it. Make the bike seat low enough for the child to touch the ground and to walk while sitting on the saddle. With confidence growing as the child starts running the bike, soon the child will lift his or her feet off the ground and learn to balance the bike on two wheels. The child is then off for a Puky balance bike for the first time!

Balance bikes teach children the principle of balance without experiencing the complications of timing when to use the pedals and brakes. This is a better way for a child to start learning how to bike rather than the principle of teaching the child to ride with the use of pedals with additional wheels as stabilizer. As we know and experienced, balancing is the very basic and tricky part in learning how to bike. When the child masters this, pedal movements will just come naturally.

The child has the instinct to reproduce moving forward independently after an initial push. This repetitive movement will help them develop their sense of balance. This learning also stimulates physical and mental development and improves their coordination and spatial awareness. You can also learn more about bikes by checking out the post at http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/10/01/no-pedals-balance-bike-r_n_4023365.html.

Balance bikes come in different colors, sizes and are easily available from several manufacturers.  Among these bikes, there are bikes considered as best sellers like one that has adjustable handlebars and seat to fit any child size. Another bike targets ages 2-4 years old and is designed to teach balance and coordination naturally, and considered the lightest in the market.  There is also a Strider balance bike with a wood finish for a toy appeal and playful graphics, and has a seat that can be adjusted, and air filled tires.


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